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Downloading Church Center
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What is Church Center?

Church Center is the place where you can check in, give online, register for events, watch recorded or livestream videos, stay connected with your groups or find a group, and keep in touch with our digital directory. One of the best features in Church Center is that you can use either a phone app or web browser.


To get setup:

1. Choose your preferred link: 

Apple App Store

Google Play Store Website

2. Log in

If you choose the online website, you will need to hit the "Log in" option in the top row.

In the app, click the person silhouette to access your settings.


Click on your name at the very top to access and change your contact info.


In web-browser mode, to press the silhouette or photo in the top right corner and select "profile."  

You are now setup…it’s that easy! Now you can register for events and stay up to date with your groups.  If you need support, contact the church office.

*Note: it may take a day or two for all of your information to be synchronized with your groups! Thank you for your patience!

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