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Adult Sunday School Classes


We offer three Sunday School hours, 8:15, 9:25 and 11 am.  Below is a description of each class we offer.  All classes are open and welcoming to visitors. We hope you find a group where you can grow closer to Christ.

         8:15 am Classes                                          9:25 am Classes                                                     11:00 am Classes

 Sonshine Class - Room 17                             Discipleship Class - Room 18                               Promise Class - Room 5  

 New Class - Room 18                                      College Class - Ascent Room (Gym)                   Faithbuilders Class - Room 17

                                                                                                                                                           The R.O.C.K. Class - Room 19 

                                                                                                                                                            Good News Class - Choir Room 


For more information on any of these classes call the church office at 789-9033 or email at

Promise Class  This group of young adults, ages 20 to 40, studies topics by quarter using various curriculum. Class members lead the discussions on Sunday Mornings. They are involved in supporting various ministries of the church. The class has a Christmas Party each year.

Faith Builders Class  This group of adults, ages 40 and up, gathers for study, reflection, praise and prayer, and fellowship. Studies cover a variety of topics which are selected by the class. Discussions are facilitated by class volunteers. The Faith Builders participate in local mission projects scheduled irregularly during the year. They also provide financial support for church ministries, mission projects and missionaries. At least once each quarter they get together to build community, fellowship, and have fun!  

New Life Class  This group studies lessons from the International Lessons Quarterly. Each month a different class member presents the lesson. Their mission projects are usually the result of a particular need from within the church. They also support the funding of new churches each year. This class attends events at local colleges together and has a Christmas party.  

The R.O.C.K.  (Renewing

Our Christian Knowledge) Class uses the Adult Bible Studies Quarterly published by Abingdon Press.  Two class members rotate monthly to present the lessons and lead lively discussions.  The class members are fun loving students studying with integrity, and they are involved in supporting many projects within and outside the church. The class enjoys fellowship and covered dish luncheons. No Age Limit!

Good News Class  This group of adults, ages 50 and up, has an experienced Bible teacher that leads them through many interesting discussions.  The class shares together as they study the scriptures together. Class members support each other through times of need. The class enjoyes a Christmas party each year.  

Discipleship Class  This group of adults, ages 20 to 60, has a teacher who leads them in verse-by-verse studies of the Bible.  Class members support each other through meals in times of need and baby showers.  They also are in mission to needy families in the community through donations of various kinds. The group gets to know each other through "Dinner for 8."  This mixes class members into groups to have dinner together.  The class has a Christmas party each year.

8:15 am                            9:25 am                            11:00 am

New Class Rm 17              Disciple Class Rm 18       Promise Class Rm 5

New Life   Rm 18                                                     Faithbuildres Rm 17

                                                                              New Class ?  Rm 18

                                                                              R.O.C.K Class Rm 19

                                                                              Good News Choir Room

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